Silent Workouts

Silent Workout

Silent Activities has solved the problem of attending a workout class while trying to listen to music with Silent Workouts! Everyone loves music with their workout, but it can be challenging to listen to an instructor over loud music and other fitness club patrons. Silent Activities solves this problem for your club and fitness instructors – with our wireless headphone technology, class members can fully focus on solid workout routines and on what the instructor is saying, without any distractions!

Our wireless headphones sets are light enough that fitness enthusiasts can easily move around while wearing them, whether they’re participating in a yoga class, a spinning class, or an aerobics class. Each set of headphones had adjustable volume control, and you can even maximize workout space by letting members tune in to any of multiple workouts happening in the room. Want to have your fitness classes outdoors or on the beach? Silent Activities makes that possible…even for early morning workouts that won’t wake up the neighborhood.

Silent Workout Class


Find out more today about the possibilities of Silent Workouts and how they can dramatically improve the focus and fun level of a workout routine, reach out to us today and tell us what you’re looking for!