Delaware Silent Dance Party Rentals

Would you like to host a fantastic and memorable dance party, without any concerns for music being too loud, your guests being unable to speak over the music, or people having different musical tastes? Silent Activities offers a new solution that will revolutionize your dance party and take it to the next level…ask us about our Delaware silent dance party rentals!

We offer wireless headphone technology that solves all of these problems. Your guests can choose which style of music they prefer, listen to the music at any volume they like, and socialize at any time, by simply taking the headphones off!

At Silent Activities, Silent Dance Parties are one of our most requested services. We make it possible for guests to choose from multiple “stations”, designated by a color on the headphones, with as many as three DJs playing different musical genres. Your guests can change the musical style at any time, and DJs can compete for listeners. Best of all, your party can last well into the evening, without concern for annoying neighbors, following noise ordinances, or the police showing up…whether your party is indoors or outside!

Our Silent Dance Parties open a whole new world of possibilities. We can enhance your corporate event, your bar or bat mitzvah celebration, even your movie showings or speaking engagements. Guests can stay at the party and still talk with each other, and anytime someone needs to make an announcement or speak, everyone at the party will be able to clearly hear the message.

We offer tech support on site as needed, or you can opt to have our support staff a phone call away ensuring that all of the equipment works throughout the event.

We Have Provided Delaware Silent Dance Party Rentals to These Towns!

Farmington, Kent County, Delaware Ellendale, Sussex County, Delaware Dover, Kent County, Delaware Dewey Beach, Sussex County, Delaware Delmar Road, Packing House Corner, Sussex County, Delaware, 19940 Delaware City, New Castle County, Delaware, 19706 Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware Clayton, Kent County, Delaware Camden, Kent County, Delaware Cheswold, Kent County, Delaware, 19936 Bridgeville, Sussex County, Delaware Bowers Beach, Kent County, Delaware Blades, Sussex County, Delaware Bethel, Sussex County, Delaware Bellefonte, New Castle County, Delaware, 19809 Ardentown, New Castle County, Delaware Ardencroft, New Castle County, Delaware Arden, New Castle County, Delaware Fenwick Island, Sussex County, Delaware Frankford, Sussex County, Delaware Frederica, Kent County, Delaware Georgetown, Sussex County, Delaware, 19947 Greenwood, Sussex County, Delaware, 19950 Henlopen Acres, Sussex County, Delaware Harrington, Kent County, Delaware Hartly, Kent County, Delaware Houston, Kent County, Delaware, 19954 Kenton, Kent County, Delaware, 19955 Laurel, Sussex County, Delaware Little Creek, Kent County, Delaware, 19961 Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware Leipsic, Kent County, Delaware Magnolia, Kent County, Delaware Middletown, New Castle County, Delaware Milford, Sussex County, Delaware Millsboro, Sussex County, Delaware Millville, Sussex County, Delaware, 19967 Milton, Sussex County, Delaware Newark, New Castle County, Delaware New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, 19720 Newport, New Castle County, Delaware Seaford, Sussex County, Delaware, 19973 Ocean View, Sussex County, Delaware, 19770 Odessa, New Castle County, Delaware, 19730 Seaford, Sussex County, Delaware, 19973 Slaughter Beach, Sussex County, Delaware Smyrna, Kent County, Delaware, 19977 Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, Delaware Bethany Beach, Sussex County, Delaware, 19930 Townsend, New Castle County, Delaware Viola, Kent County, Delaware, 19979 Wyoming, Kent County, Delaware Woodside, Kent County, Delaware Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware

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