Silent Movies

At Silent Activities we host a wide variety of events one of which being silent movies! If you are planning an outdoor movie screening for your township, or even at your home Silent Activities can make it possible for you, offering the guests at your event the best possible quality sound, all without any concerns for local noise ordinances! With our wireless headphones and Silent Activities technology, the possibilities are endless…you can even have multiple movie screenings in one location, or give your guests the option of choosing a movie broadcast in their native language, without the distracting subtitles. It’s a great way to bring folks together for entertainment everyone can enjoy.

silent movie
silent films

Your Silent Movie experience can be extended to guests from any location, can be extended late into the night without concern for local noise laws, and enable guests to hear everything without concern for less-than-polite movie goers, guests can literally block out that person who wants to tell us what happens next.


Reach out to Silent Activities today to find out more about our wireless headphone technology for Silent Movies, and how we can improve the movie experience for everyone, whether you’re planning for the event to be indoors or out!