Silent Disco Parties

silent disco party

Silent Disco Parties is one of our most popular services that we offer. Are you interested in trying out our equipment for one of our famous Silent Disco parties? Silent Activities makes it possible for your party guests to listen to their favorite music at any volume they like, and guests are also able to choose from multiple types of music to dance & groove to! The best part? No concerns about pesky noise ordinances, because your silent party is truly silent! We can produce your Silent Disco parties anywhere with our patented wireless headphone technology and multiple DJ’s or audio sources playing multiple varieties of your favorite tunes.

Technology of Our Silent Disco Parties

With our technology, you can offer a first class silent disco party experience to a crowd of any size, and our tech support engineers are either on site if you choose, or a call away 24/7 to ensure your equipment works properly. If your guests at your party have differing musical tastes there will be no problem with our headphones! Each pair of headphones has 3 channels with great music that can be played at any volume! The user can choose any station they'd like to listen to on each pair of headphones, while being able to remove the headphones any time they want to socialize and have a conversation, it will be a party your guests won’t forget!


silent dance parties


Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can deliver a smash silent disco party for your next gathering!