Patented Silent Disco & Silent Dance Party Systems Rental

Silent Dance Parties and Other Silent Events are a revolutionary new way to enjoy parties, events, mitzvahs, workouts and much more. At Silent Activities we offer wireless headphone technology to enable your guests to listen to the music of their choosing, easily hear speakers at your event, and enjoy music at whatever volume they choose without disturbing the neighbors!

Silent Activities makes it possible to produce your event in a greater variety of spaces, and take off the limits of noise statutes and neighborhood ordinances. Your guests will be able to enjoy dancing, movies, public speakers and more, and can easily socialize without having to speak over loud music. We can help you produce a multitude of silent events such as a Silent Party, Silent Disco, Silent Workout and much more, and make the experience an unforgettable one for your guests.

Reach out to us today and find out more about our wireless headphones technology and the magic of Silent Event Technology, we’re happy to show you what is possible for your event.

How It WorksAt any hosted Silent Activity we provide patented wireless headphone technology to produce any one of your silent events in any space. Also, since the audio is being transmitted directly into the headphones, there is no need to worry about noise ordinances. Some of the most popular events organized by large and small corporations are our most popular event, the Silent Party or Silent Disco.

A Silent Party or Silent Disco is an experience like you’ve never had before. Three DJs performing all at the same time. Each DJ represents a color, either Red, Blue, or Green, that illuminate from the Silent Activities headphones. You can of course pick your own music to have each DJ play, or you can set up audio devices on each station to cut expenses. Below are some of the music that Silent Activity traditionally plays at its events from customer requests.


We provide audio, video, lighting and specialty event equipment and services to customers of all kinds, producing meaningful and exciting events.


We stand apart because we focus constant attention on making the process of planning your event as simple, and stress free as possible.


Making sure you spend your time enjoying your event, instead of managing it! Let us take your dream and make it your reality!

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