Silent Dance Party Rentals in Wilkes-Barre

Ever since we’ve been having dance parties, we’ve had to limit ourselves. Keep the music at an “acceptable” volume, to avoid annoying the neighbors. Stop the party just when everyone’s having fun, because of local laws. Stop the party so someone can make an announcement that everyone can hear. People leaving the party to talk with each other. At Silent Activities, we blow those limitations away. We’re your solution for silent dance party rentals in Wilkes-Barre, PA!

What Is A Silent Dance Party + How Does It Work?

With a Silent Activities dance party, we bring a revolutionary new solution…wireless headphones for everyone! With the headphones, your guests can listen to the music as loud as they like, without worrying about the neighbors. Our technology enables you keep the party going as late as you want, and your guests can simply take the headphones off to communicate with each other. Need to make an announcement for everyone? No problem…just do it through the headphones!

When you host your silent dance party with us, we’ll bring as many headsets as you need…and we’ll bring music equipment and DJs too. You can even offer music for varying tastes and age groups…your guests can choose from any of three “stations”, all designated by the color on the headset. Anytime guests want to dance to the same song, they can simply change the station!

Our silent dance parties open up all new possibilities for your event. Host your party indoors or out, without any concern for annoying neighbors or local noise statutes. Offer a variety of music for people with different tastes. Make your dance party a fun celebration for everyone, of any age, anytime, anywhere!

Contact Us For Your Silent Dance Party Rentals in Wilkes-Barre Today!

Interested in finding out more about taking your dance party to a new level? Reach out to Silent Activities today…tell us what you need and request a quote. We’ll provide the headsets, music, on-call techs if needed, and everything else you need. We’re your answer for silent dance party rentals in Wilkes-Barre, and we’ll help make your event a huge success for all!