Silent Dance Party Rentals in West Chester

Since the dawn of dance parties, there’s always been limitations. You can’t play music too loud, or neighbors will call the police and end the party. You can’t have the event too late into the evening because of noise ordinances. Guests can’t hear speakers because of everyone talking, and people have to leave the party to talk with each other. At Silent Activities, we offer a solution to all of that. We’re your team for silent dance party rentals in West Chester, PA!

What Is A Silent Dance Party?

We bring a revolutionary new idea to your dance party…wireless headphones for all, enabling everyone to enjoy the party for as long as they want, without the concerns! With Silent Activities, your guests can listen to the music for as loud and as long as they like, and there’s no need to leave the party to talk with someone…just take the headphones off. You can have anyone make an announcement through the headphones, and the party can go all night long!

Silent Activities brings all of the equipment you need: headphones, music, and as many as three DJs all playing a different style of music. Your guests can choose from any of three “stations” designated by the color of the headphones. Want to dance to the same song as your partner? Just change the station!

Think of the possibilities for your silent dance party. You can literally hold your event anywhere in West Chester, indoors or out. Plan for your event to go late into the evening without concern for annoying neighbors or following local statutes. Play music for varying tastes, age groups and danceability. Best of all, everyone will have a blast!

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We’ll be happy to tell you more about our technology and what we can bring to your party. Reach out to us here for a quote and tell us what you need…the number of headsets, DJs, on-call techs and more. Silent Activities is your solution for silent dance party rentals in West Chester – let us help you host a party your guests will never forget!