Silent Dance Party Rentals in Scranton

Even though Silent Discos started in the late 1990s (some say as early as 1969!), many event hosts and meeting planners are just discovering this exciting entertainment style. Today, you have an all new option. Whether you’re organizing your first or your 50th dance party, Silent Activities is your resounding first and always the best choice for silent dance party rentals in Scranton, PA!

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Silent Activities transforms your events with wireless headphones, so you can host any audio-oriented event you can imagine, almost anywhere you can imagine. Take away the noise and replace it with higher energy engagement to elevate branding experiences, fitness classes, life cycle celebrations, and, of course, your dance parties!

Use a Silent Soundtrack to Make Noise with Your Next Event.

In case you missed it, silent dance parties exploded onto the entertainment and special events scene in the 2010s.

Today, people are turning down the sound to turn up the experience with custom soundtracks at:

  • Dance parties
  • Movie nights
  • Fitness classes
  • Corporate gatherings
  • School programs

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Lighting and Sound Techs and DIY, Oh My!

Silent Activities can do everything for you, or drop off everything you need to do a silent event yourself. Ask us for sound equipment, techs, DJs and lighting, or skilled set-up and production crews. We’re a family-owned and operated business using American-made technology so that you can host silent events people will talk about for months. Or until you host your next Silent Activities experience!

Silent Activities started turning up fun and turning down the noise for famous brands over a decade ago, but you know what they say: seeing is believing!

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Let Us Be Your Hosts For Silent Dance Party Rentals in Scranton!

If you imagine it, we’ll deliver it. Get loud and host an unforgettable event without worrying about local noise ordinances or neighbors complaining. Silent Activities will quietly make your next Silent Disco or special event unforgettable without making a sound!

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