Silent Dance Party Rentals in Pittsburgh

Do you love hosting a great dance party? Of course you do…but it’s not fun worrying about noise ordinances, annoying the neighbors, or people having to leave the party just to avoid high volume music. So is there a solution? Yes, there is…Silent Activities is your answer for silent dance party rentals in Pittsburgh! We not only bring DJs and sound equipment to your dance party event, we also add wireless headphones technology, to add a whole new dimension to the fun!

With our wireless headphones playing the music, there’s no need for you to concern yourself with police prematurely ending the party, nor do you have to tone down the volume at a required time at night. Your guests can play the music at any volume they want…and we can make multiple DJs available, each of them playing a different style of music. Your guests can simply change the “station”, based on the color of their dance partner’s headphones.

Our silent dance party rentals in Pittsburgh offer many other advantages too. Want to make an announcement and ensure that everyone can hear it? No problem…just do it through the headphones. If your guests want to take a break from dancing to talk, they can do that too…just take the headphones off, and have your conversation without leaving the event. Best of all, the party can go all night long, indoors or outdoors, wherever you are!

Our silent headphones technology is ideal for dance parties, movie showings, workout gatherings, corporate events, mitzvah celebrations and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and you now have a whole new way to entertain your guests.

Silent Activities can bring disc jockeys, emcees, and dazzling lighting to your dance party too, and our staff can ensure that your equipment is working properly throughout the event.

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