Silent Dance Party Rentals in North Jersey

Do you want to host a memorable dance party? There’s a lot you have to do, of course, but you also have to worry about noise ordinances, annoyed neighbors and ending the party early. With Silent Activities, that’s no longer a problem…we offer silent dance party rentals in North Jersey! We use advanced headphone technology to take away all of those noise limitations, and we supply the DJs and equipment that you need to make your dance party great!

Silent Activities makes it possible for your dance party to go as long as you like…no need to shut down the party for noise ordinances, and no need to worry about bothering the neighbors. Your guests can play the music in their headphones at any volume they like, and they can also choose from multiple styles of music simply by “changing the station”! Any time a guest wants to dance with a partner, they can choose the song to listen to by switching to the same color on their headphones.

With a silent dance party, you have plenty of other opportunities too. Guests can talk to each other without leaving the party…simply take the headphones off. You can also make an announcement anytime, that everyone at the party can hear through their headphones. Best of all, your party can be held anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and it can go all night long!

Our silent headphones technology is great for dance parties of course…but you can also use it for mitzvah celebrations, corporate events, workout groups, movie showings and much more. No longer is your location a limitation…you have all new opportunities to entertain your guests.

We also provide disc jockeys and lighting for your event, along with support staff either on call or in person to ensure the equipment is always working.

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