Silent Dance Party Rentals in Lebanon, PA

Everyone loves a great dance party…but unfortunately, we have noise ordinances, outdoor volume limits, and people having to leave the party just to talk. What if there were a solution to all of these limitations? Now there is…reach out to Silent Activities, and let us be your solution for silent dance party rentals in Lebanon, PA! We can bring DJs, equipment and more to your party…and we bring wireless headphone technology that opens up all new possibilities for your party!

With Silent Activities, you can host your party without concern for annoying the neighbors, the police coming to end the party prematurely, or noise ordinances in the area. Your guests will be able to dance to the music at a volume they choose, and you can even have multiple DJs playing several different kinds of music. Guests can choose their “station” by the color on their headphones, and dance to the same song with a partner.

There’s plenty of other advantages to our silent dance parties too…anytime guests want to talk, there’s no need to leave the party to avoid the noise. Just take the headphones off! And as the host, if you would like to make an announcement at your party that you’d like everyone to hear, just take the microphone and do it through everyone’s headphones…and then let the party go all night long, no matter where you are!

Silent Activities and our wireless headphones technology is great for dance parties, corporate events, mitzvah celebrations, outdoor movie showings, workout groups, and so much more. You are no longer limited by your location or your space.

We can provide disc jockeys, emcees, and lighting for your party too. Our staff is available for support and will make sure the equipment works throughout the event.

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Get started now planning your next party, and make it the most memorable one yet! Reach out to us here to request a quote for your silent dance party rentals in Lebanon. We’ll be happy to tell you more about how it works and what we can do for your event!

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