Silent Dance Party Rentals in Lake Erie

The hardworking people in the Lake Erie region love to let loose with a great dance party…and if you’re looking to host one, you can now do it anywhere, and have it go all night long! With Silent Activities, you can take advantage of our new headphones technology, and host your party well into the evening, with no concern for noise ordinances or annoyed neighbors. We’ve got everything you need for silent dance party rentals in Lake Erie!

Lake Erie Silent Dance Party Rentals – How Our Technology Works

Our silent headphones rentals create a whole new world of possibilities for your dance party event. When you call on us for a rental, we’ll bring out all of the equipment you need, including sets of headphones, DJs, and audio equipment. Instead of having loud and blaring music, your guests simply listen through the headphones. And while their headphones are on, you can easily make an announcement that everyone at the party can hear.

What’s more, your guests have more than one choice of musical style. You can have as many as three DJs playing different styles of music, and the headphones will light up in red, green or blue to designate the “station” people are listening to. If two or more people want to dance to the same song, it’s easy…just switch the headphones to the same color!

And it gets better…your guests no longer have to leave the loud music and the party to talk…simply take the headphones off, and have a normal conversation!

With Silent Activities, you no longer have to deal with party limitations. Have your dance event indoors or out, and go as late as you want. You no longer have to worry about local law enforcement putting a premature end to the party, or concern yourself with local noise ordinances. You can take your party to a whole new level, and make it a memorable blast for everyone!

Find out more today about how Silent Activities can add a whole new dimension to your upcoming event. Click here to request a quote and tell us what you need, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our silent dance party rentals in Lake Erie!

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