Silent Dance Party Rentals in Jim Thorpe, PA

Since we’ve been dancing to music, there’s always been limitations what we can do. We can’t play music too loud, lest we upset the neighbors. We can’t have our party too late, because the police may shut the party down. If hosts want to make an announcement for everyone, they need a microphone and to stop the music. If people want to talk to each other, they have to leave the party. Silent Activities has the answer for all of this…we’re your team for silent dance party rentals in Jim Thorpe, PA!

So What, Exactly, Is A Silent Dance Party?

We’re glad you asked! Silent Activities brings a revolutionary new format to your dance party…music through wireless headphones! With our headphones technology, guests can dance as long as they want, and play the music as loud as they like. If two or more people want to chat, they can do so easily by simply taking their headphones off. Anytime you need to make an announcement, just pause the music and do it through the headphones for all to hear!

We’ll bring everything you need…headsets for everyone, music equipment, and as many as three DJs playing different styles of music. With three DJs, your guests can choose from multiple styles of music…designated by the color of their headphones. If you’d like to dance to the same song as another person, just change the “station” on your headphones!

Imagine the limitations you no longer have to live with. You can host your party well into the evening, and play music as loud as you like. No need to worry about noise ordinances or annoyed neighbors. You can play music for a wide range of musical tastes at your party, so everyone has a choice. Make an announcement anytime, and everyone will hear it. Most of all, everyone will have a great time!

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Would you like to find out more about our silent dance party rentals? We’ll be happy to tell you about our new technology, and what it can do for your event. Reach out to us here, tell us what you need and request a quote. We’re looking forward to delivering a great dance party for you and your friends in Jim Thorpe!