Silent Dance Party Rentals in Cranberry Township

People in the greater Pittsburgh region love a great dance party…and with Silent Activities, you can now feature your dance party indoors or outdoors, and keep it going all night! We have developed new technology that allows you to host a great party with great music, without having to worry about annoying the neighbors or following local noise laws. We’ve got all of the equipment you need for silent dance party rentals in Cranberry Township!

 Cranberry Township Silent Dance Parties – How Our Technology Works

Have you thought about the possibilities that silent headphones technology can offer for your dance party? Let us explain! Silent Activities will bring all of the sets of headphones you need to your event, as well as disc jockeys and audio equipment. Instead of blaring music loudly, your guests can listen through the headphones. Need to make an announcement for everyone to hear? Just get on the mic, and everyone at the party will hear you!

With our new headphones technology, your guests can choose which style of music they’d like to dance to. You can have as many as three DJs competing at your party with different music, and the musical style is designated by the color of the headphones. Want to dance to the same song as a partner? Simply change the “station” to the same color. But that’s not all…if people want to talk, there’s no need to leave the event…just take the headphones off and enjoy a conversation, without having to shout over the music!

Silent Activities opens up a world of new possibilities for your Cranberry Township dance party. You can host your party anywhere, and have it go as late as you like. There’s no concern for local law enforcement ending the party prematurely because of complaining neighbors, and no need to fret about any local noise statutes. Your guests can stay all night, and your party can be one they’ll never forget!

Interested in giving it a try? Request a quote here and let us know what you need. We’ll be happy to tell you all of the advantages of our silent dance party rentals in Cranberry Township, and make your party a blast for everyone…without annoying your neighbors!

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