Silent Dance Party Rentals in Cherry Hill, NJ

Discover the buzz around Silent Dance Party Rentals in Cherry Hill, NJ, or find the perfect audio setup for any special event with Silent Activities! With our wireless headphone technology, you can elevate your parties, meetings, exercise classes, etc., into memorable, high-energy events. Let your guests dive into the fun quietly, anywhere you choose.

Anything on your calendar is likely better with music and professional audio. A Silent Disco? An aerobics boot camp? A corporate retreat? We’ve got your back. Your guests can dance, get healthy, or connect without disturbing the neighbors, or worrying about noise ordinances. With Silent Activities, you can pump up your event’s vibe without bothering anyone else’s ears.

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Sshhh!! Silence makes a loud impression

Need an audio solution for your party? For over a decade, we’ve amplified the fun and reduced the noise for top brands. Whether you want a full-service package or a DIY kit for your event, trust Silent Dance Party Rentals in Cherry Hill, NJ—your silent event pros.

Are you looking for sound experts, a helping hand, or classic audio equipment? Our family-run business stands by American-made headphones, supporting local innovation.

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You get a playlist, you get a playlist, you get a playlist…

Picture this: three DJs, three colors, and endless tunes. Planning a themed party or an era-specific soundtrack? You’re in control. Use our equipment or connect your in-house devices to cut costs and customize your event. Your guests can choose from multiple styles of music, with competing DJs getting them on the dance floor! In addition, there’s no need for guests to leave the party to talk…just take the headphones off!

We’re focusing on the details that make your gathering memorable and tailored to you.

Quietly Cool, Surprisingly Affordable


Just like Jimmy Buffet, you’re “Quietly Making Noise”

The history of Silent Discos depends on who you ask, but most agree they started rocking the world in the 2010s.

Now, it’s your turn. With silent activities, you can bring this unique vibe to movie nights, fitness sessions, corporate meetings, and more. Our Bluetooth technology makes your event the one everyone enjoys silently and can’t stop talking about afterward.


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Turn down the stress and dial up the quiet. Have your party anywhere you want, as late as you want. Count on Silent Activities for a hushed hit!

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