Silent Dance Party Rentals at the Jersey Shore

The beach is a great place to have a dance party…and now you have an opportunity to host your party anywhere, all night long! Silent Activities offers new headphones technology that makes it possible for you to host your party without concern for annoyed neighbors or noise ordinances…we provide the equipment you need for silent dance party rentals at the Jersey Shore!

Jersey Shore Silent Dance Party Rentals – How It Works

We’re happy to tell you about our silent headphones technology and the possibilities it offers for you and your party. We bring sets of headphones to your event, along with our DJs and equipment. Your guests can listen to the music through the headphones, and you can also make an announcement at any time that your guests can easily hear.

Your guests can choose from multiple styles of music with our headphone technology…you can even have three DJs playing different songs to choose from. Whenever two or more people want to dance to the same song, they can simply change the “station” to a matching color on their headphones. Better yet, when people want to take a break and talk, there’s no need to leave the party…just take the headphones off!

Think of the possibilities this can bring to your dance party at the shore. You can host your party indoors or outside, as late into the evening as you like. There’s no need to worry about noise ordinances in the area, no annoying the neighbors, and no concern for the police arriving and putting a premature end to the party. You can take your beach dance party to a whole new level, and make it a memorable one!

Get started today…click here to tell us what you need and request a quote. We’d love to tell you more about our silent dance party rentals at the Jersey Shore, and how we can turn your party into an event everyone will love!

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