Philadelphia Silent Dance Party Rentals

If you live in Philadelphia and are planning a dance party, chances are the party is going to be close to neighbors…which means you’ll have to obey noise ordinances, likely keep things indoors, and keep the volume low. Why not throw off the limitations with a revolutionary new idea? Silent Activities has the answer for you…our Philadelphia Silent Dance Party rentals!

We bring wireless headphone technology to your party – your guests can choose from multiple styles of music at any volume they choose, and socialize easily by taking the headphones off. And you can have your party anywhere and as late as you like, with no concern for annoying the neighbors!

Our Silent Dance Parties are among our most popular services…you can have as many as three DJs playing various styles of music, designated by the color lit on the headphones. If two people want to dance to the same song, it’s easy to change the station! Best of all, your party can go all night long, indoors or outdoors, with no worries about local noise statutes or the police being called to stop the noise.

Silent Activities’ dance party technology opens a whole world of possibilities for your event. We’ll bring the equipment and sound to your dance party, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a bar or bat mitzvah, corporate event or other gathering. Your guests will be able to talk to each other without leaving the party, and anytime you need to make an announcement, you can do it through the headphones where everyone can hear. We offer on-site or on-call technical support for your party to keep the equipment working.

Plan Your Philadelphia Silent Dance Party Now!

Get started with us today! Reach out to us here, and let us tell you more about how we can make your dance party a memorable one. Silent Activities is your easy choice for Philadelphia Silent Dance Party rentals – see why our services are perfect for your event!

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