Lancaster Silent Dance Party Rentals

Do you want to try a new idea that can change your dance party event for the better, and make it one your guests will never forget? Are you tired of having to tone down your parties and put them to an early end because of noise restrictions? At Silent Activities, we have the answer for you…we’re your new choice for Lancaster silent dance party rentals! Our staff brings our new patented wireless headphone technology to your event, and we enable your guests to dance to the music as loud as they like, for as long as they like!

With our silent headphones, your event has a whole new advantage. You can host your party inside or outside, and host it as late into the evening as you like. You no longer have to worry about annoying the neighbors, and your guests can socialize and take a break from the music by simply taking the headphones off. In addition, if you want to make an announcement at the party, simply turn down the music and say what you need to say…into your guests’ headphones for everyone to hear.

Your Lancaster silent dance party can feature as many as three DJs all playing different styles of music. Want to change what you’re hearing? Just change the color of your headphones to match your dance partner’s! We make sure your party goes smoothly and that the equipment works properly, with on-site technicians or on-call support throughout your event.

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Our silent party wireless headphone technology works great for any kind of party, including dance parties, corporate events, silent mitzvahs, even movie showings and group workouts! Get started today planning your best dance party ever…contact us here to request a quote. See what our Lancaster silent dance party rentals can do for your event’s entertainment value, and add a new level of fun your guests will love!

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